Tangible benefits in project

Student Kadeem Maynard films students at work on the jingle.

A group of about 17 students at the Parkinson Memorial School were yesterday hard at work creating their first documentary on Barbados.

The project forms part of a bigger UK collaboration as part of the Catch Project which will create a Ready, Steady, Go Barbados film, but teacher Randy Eastmond said the benefits are already tangible.

The teacher, who is spearheading the project at the school along with the Founder and Director of the Catch Project, Sheromie Brewster, said he met Brewster while pursuing studies abroad and got involved there, and when the subject was broached to have a leg in Barbados, he jumped at the opportunity. He said he was excited because he saw the developmental potential for the students.

Eastmond said the project was largely based on the Olympic values and how they related to the youth.

“We are asking them to think about what those values mean to them and how they can develop themselves to really put those values into their everyday lives. We also ask about their ambitions, their goals and it gives them a chance to step out of the classroom and speak out,” he explained.

The teacher said he believed they would learn life lessons by involvement in the project, being able to develop their technology skills through use of computers, video cameras, editing software, but also their expression and confidence through the interviews they will have to conduct to bring everything together.

Parkinson was the second school involved, along with the Alleyne School which Brewster visited earlier this week.

The good thing about the exercise, apart from the fact that it is also opening up opportunities for exchange programmes with students from the UK who created a similar project, was that there was also a former student who came in to help the students develop their ideas. Eastmond said recent school-leaver Shamar Coombs arrived for band rehearsal for NIFCA, but on hearing about the project joined in to lend his voice as well as give direction to some of the younger ones.

“It is the kind of collaboration that makes the project better, stronger and the students as well,” the teacher admitted. (LB)

2 Responses to Tangible benefits in project

  1. sheromie brewster December 29, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Hello Latoya, Happy New Year!!

    We are planning and implementing the next part of the Ready Steady Go cultural exchange programme2013 and it is coming together nicely.

    I am looking forward to updating with you dates and our schedule for the exchange from UK to and from Barbados with young people from Barbados and UK. It would be great to get your involvement!!!

    Wishing all the best in all you do!!

    Kind Regards


  2. sheromie brewster December 29, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Hello Latoya,

    We will forward you a copy of the documentary the students from Alleyne school and Parkinson Memorial School created part of the Ready Steady Go creative culural Olympiad project 2012 along with the amazing jingle they created that captures Barbados!!!

    Thank you for your support !!!



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