On the downlow?

There’s something bothering me I have to get off my chest.

I’m in a loving relationship, or so I thought until recently when I believe my boyfriend’s true colours came out.

We are planing to be married and I know that most men don’t like to get involved in lots of details. Up to them they would show up on the day of the wedding looking decent and that’s it.

Well that’s not the issue.

During one of our discussions recently he told me he had to stay at the office late to work on a project with others and as it really was not a problem, I told him go ahead not that he needed my permission but we had a meeting scheduled.

But would you believe that my bff sent me a photo of him in a bar with a bunch of men who are known to be gay.

I called him the same time and he told me he was in the office and denied being there.

I said okay told him I loved him and headed straight there where I saw him myself. I walked over and he was shocked that I was there.

It isn’t that I don’t trust him but I had asked him before if he knew these guys and he denied it for weeks after and said he could not believe I would ask him so.

Not to bring my bedroom business in the public but he likes to do certain things in the bedroom all the time and when I say no he sulks and doesn’t speak to me for days.

In the early stages of our relationship, I didn’t think anything of it, now I do and at least once he went on a “business trip” with at least of his friends. There is one guy in particular that he seems really close to and affectionate with. That same guy gets upset when my boyfriend cancels plans with him to spend time with me.

My bff says I shouldn’t marry him because there are signs that she does not like and I’m beginning to think she’s right.

Should I listen to her, my mind or my boyfriend’s growing feeble attempts of love and wanting to spend the rest of his life with me.

I’m beginning to think he’s really gay.

– Doubting Nicole

Since you ask DN, I’m resisting the urge to say you are an idiot. But at the risk of sounding too harsh, I think you should postpone your wedding and have a heart to heart talk with your guy and find out where his heart really is.

I think you should do that now before your plans go any further and it ends in embarrassment for you and your family.

Bajans love to gossip and would have no problem with you being the target if you are jilted at the altar.

So talk to him and hopefully he would come clean about where his heart really is and you don’t have a broken heart.

Failing my suggestion, hire an investigator and have him take photos and hopefully the truth will be revealed.

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