Billing for health care

It is time to seek direct reimbursements for health care rendered to visiting/returning nationals and other visitors who have health care insurance coverage. Of course, that means Barbados’ establishing co-payments and fee scaled health care based on maximum levels of reimbursements allowed by foreign health care insurance entities. Doing so will also mean careful negotiations with those external companies on the recognition of health care providers in Barbados and the creation of a system of billing and reimbursements befitting Barbados’ health care system in meshing with the established co-payments and reimbursements systems abroad. Why provide free health care services to external insured clients who can and do pay for same.

This is a global economy we’re participating in, and electronically driven payment systems are used, hence we should be able to negotiate and create billing processes for the co-payments and direct reimbursements for health care rendered in Barbados. I believe this remains a source of revenue from the targeted market that were currently leaving on the table and also an opportunity for job creation within the systems of billing and reimbursement.

-Stephen Small Warner

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