Down the hatch?

When you see her, she makes your heart beat way faster than it is supposed to, her presence seems to tighten your chest, and she evokes both excitement and a certain fear in you. You take a look at her and you begin to think . . . You think about all the times that you have been with her, you think about how she makes you feel, how all the pain just fades away, how you feel so much happier; you just sit there thinking… As time passes by, you continue to sit and take in more of her smooth, simply delicious body. Hours pass, your head feels light, and you finally begin to wonder why you let her take advantage of you.

People often find a certain comfort in drinking alcohol; they think that not only does it make them feel better but that their problems “disappear”. I have no idea why, but that’s just the way they think. A lot of us young adults are seemingly thinking the same way. Every time something in our life goes wrong, the boyfriend/girlfriend leaves, stress from school, money issues, anything really, we turn to partying andddd…. alcohol. (sometimes just alcohol)

Let’s be smart, alcohol will only make you feel “better” for a period of time. Don’t think that it will solve or help with your problems.


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