Cockspur spicing it up

The West Indies Rum Distillery, the makers of Cockspur Rum, are pleased to announce the launch of Cockspur Spiced: a full-flavoured, rum-based product that has already been launched in the major supermarket chains in the United Kingdom.

Cockspur Spiced is the latest addition to Cockspur stalwart blends: Fine Rum, Old Gold, V.S.O.R, Rum Punch, and Falernum. Cockspur Spiced is part of the company’s desire to offer customers yet another quality Cockspur product.

Cockspur Spiced has been rigorously tested in the consumer market prior to its launch and has received favourable response due to its great flavour and easy mix ability. CockspurSpiced can be paired with chasers such as cranberry juice and apple juice or even shandy.

To herald the brand’s newest product, a bold and daring campaign has been created to accompany the launch of Cockspur Spiced. The campaign features radio ads and a behind-the- scenes Facebook series on the production of the Rum Wild campaign featuring a female model covered in nothing but body paint.

Cockspur Brand Sales and Marketing Manager, Tia Best, is excited about the introduction of Cockspur Spiced and is confident that this will be a great opportunity for Cockspur to give its existent fan base a fresh new take on a rum that they already know and love.

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