Animation to follow 'Bri and Luk' book

British High Commissioner Paul Brummell talks about the book as executive director Sherice Gibson listens.

A five-minute animated teaser is being created that is hoped to teach children about preserving the environment, based on a book called Bri and Luk.

The second in the series written by former Future Centre Trust Administrative Director Nicole Garofano, the book was launched at the British High Commissioner’s residence today, with him extolling the contribution such could make to educating students.

High Commissioner Paul Brummell told new executive director Sherice Gibson that he was pleased there were many avenues being used by the Trust, including puppetry, storytelling among others to attract students’ attention to the challenges associated with climate change, while pledging the Commission’s assistance in this vein.

“Young people are the future. Young people are the people who will inherit the environment and it is vitally important that they inherit an environment that is green and fit to live in, and also because young people when issues related to climate change, when issues related to degradation are presented to young people, they really get it. They are great advocates for all of the work the Future Centre Trust is doing,” noted Brummell.

Gibson though noted that she was excited about the addition of this newest Bri and Luk book. The first was more informational, but this last effort is the story of how the two characters, a bird and a polar bear became friends and the issues they face with climate change.

She said as well that among the other initiatives in the works to educate on climate change was a five-minute feature based on the book that would also be free and once completed would be available through YouTube, the company’s new website and other media.

She said she believed children were the future and as such their education in these environmental matters was paramount.

“It is only through educating them to climate change and the effects that we can rest assured that we are well equipped to continue work which is being done across the globe and manage the effects we are seeing, as well as to change the behaviours and practices which are contributing to the advancement of climate change,” she noted.

Gibson said they had chosen to target primary school children for the release of this book and of the 10,000 copies printed, 60 would go to each of the primary schools, with hopefully a batch available for local book stores, as they had been requests after the publication of the first book for it to be made available for purchase. (LB)

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