Screeching halt

Striking Transport Board drivers listen attentively to shop steward, Randy Sobers, (in striped shirt) minutes before they made their way to the Barbados Workers Union headquarters for a meeting with senior members of the union.

From as early as 7 a.m. today pedestrians and motorists travelling on the busy Roebuck Street had sensed that something was amiss with the presence of armed members of the Royal Barbados Police Force focusing their attention on the movement of vehicles exiting and entering Weymouth Depot.

While members of the constabulary focused their attention on any vehicle or person entering the Weymouth Depot, Transport Board workers dressed in their blue and black uniforms stood huddled together on the sidewalk discussing any protest action they may take.

Meanwhile, there was a noticeable absence of Transport Board buses travelling on the usually busy Roebuck Street during the rush hour. As the workers consulted with each other, General Manager, Sandra Forde, entered the compound briefly before she departed for an unknown destination.

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