Lots of hard work

In a matter of a month the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant will be coming to the Plantation Garden Theatre on October 21, at 6:30pm under the theme Unstoppable.

I still can’t believe this will be our ninth edition of pageantry in Barbados. Some people stop and ask how do we do it every year and to be honest it is quite hard.

First you must seek suitable contestants to participate in the competition. Then there is the task of seeking sponsorship which is quite hard now especially due to the recession that we are in at this time. Training of contestants is another task because everyone is not on the same level, some have never walked in heels and most are not as confident. Many purchase tickets, sit for about three hours and watch a show but do not know the amount of effort it takes to pull a show together.

Honestly even though it is a lot of hard work I would not trade it for the world as I love to see the transformation of the contestants from the moment they decided to enter until the night of the competition. The beauty, talent and creativity that is shown on the night is nothing short of spectacular and also when you hear the crowd’s response to what has occurred on stage is just awesome.

Some say I am very hard with the contestants but you have to be.

In the beginning, the show was popular because people were interested to see if full figured women could be as elegant as the women of normal size within a pageant so many purchased tickets out of curiosity. Some even came to laugh and that is just the reality when you bring something new that has never been done before. So yes I come down hard on my contestants because I want them all to be the best they can be and give the judges a difficult task on the night.

Contestants are trained for approximately six months which may be one of the longest training out of all the other pageants here in Barbados. We have to ensure the contestants look their best on the night and perform at their full potential. We constantly have to bring our A game as we are the only pageant of its kind in Barbados.

Some constantly shy away from entering the pageant because they heard you have to be a particular size to enter which is not the case. If you truly want to be informed about the requirements I believe you should come to the persons who organise the pageant and get the correct information.

Tickets for this event will be heading for box offices today. If you have been to the show you will know what to expect if you have never been then you are missing out on something spectacular.

Have a wonderful week ahead and remember to make today and everyday a big & beautiful day in the way you walk, dress and most of all in your smile!! bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com

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