Bajans can assist with cost of living

Minister of Commerce Haynesley Benn presents certificate to Minola Holder.

Minister of Commerce and Trade, Senator Haynesley Benn declared today that Barbadian can assist with lowering the cost of living.

He was this morning speaking at the prize giving ceremony for winners of the Summer Eggonomics Starchick competition held at the Courtyard Marriott in Hastings, Christ Church.

He applauded Barbadian owned Starchick for, as he said, creating awareness and increased consumption of the egg and chicken. Adding that this would have created employment opportunities thus “I am sure that would have helped to reduce the cost of living’. Moreover the Minister noted that he believed that some Barbadians had contributed to the high cost of living.

“It is not the high cost of living it is possibly the cost of high living. I went into a store last week trying to help one or two people with back to school supplies and one said ‘I want to have that bag for my daughter’, the bag was for $250 to $300. I remember when I was at school I used to take my books to school in a plastic bag. When you have to buy for $200 or $300, a pair of shoes for $275 and you give the child a cell phone; we fought with the cost of living in the past the point [but] we have got to see that ourselves can assist with the cost of high living. When you in the supermarkets, go in there and buy the star don’t but powdered eggs… I encourage you to buy local and eat local,” said the Minister.

Benn also advised businesses to increase their markets and expand.

He said many poultry producers should move pass always pushing “fresh” products and take it further by utilising the parts of the chicken which may not be as consumed in Barbados like the breasts. Countries such as Europe and the United States, he said produced processed products such as nuggets and there was also an opportunity for the country to do the same and add value to the product.

Winner of the three month-long competition Minola Holder would be flying to New York with a friend with $1,000 spending money. Second placed Junior Morris won free chicken and eggs for a year to the tune of $1,800 and Stacia Briggs-Saunders, who came third, won an Ipad.

Prizes for the other competitions were also presented.

Winner of the Eggonomics Street Heat competition, Debra Hughes who hails from St. Philip, was too un???

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