YWCA installs new board

President Paige Bryan (centre) with some of the board members at the conclusion
of the installation service.

The Young Women’s Christian Association recently installed its 2012-2014 board during a church service held at the First Baptist Church in Constitution Road.

The new President Paige Bryan, has been involved in volunteerism from the age of 16, having served as the Public Relations Officer of the Clapham Community Council and later as their Secretary. She has also has served on several committees as well as the St. Barnabas Anglican Church Council.

Bryan welcomed the new board members and stated that she was thrilled with the interest shown by these young women an achievement which has been recognised by World YWCA since the board consists of 46 per cent young women and allows the YWCA to request a change of status to full membership at the 2015 World Council meeting in Bangkok.

She added that one of the board’s objectives is to increase the organisation’s membership as they seek to establish a Homework Club and expand the Breakfast and Reading Clubs as well as the Programme for Further Studies Economic Empowerment courses namely, the Sewing and Square Foot Gardening projects.

The 2012-2014 Board of Management: Officers – Paige Bryan (President), Andrea Taylor (1st Vice President), Damara Smith (2nd Vice President), Tamara Brathwaite (Honorary Treasurer), Cara Howard (Honorary Secretary) and Cassandra Griffith (Honorary Assistant Secretary/Treasurer). Board Members – Danielle Bishop, Rhea Cheltenham, Tamita Griffith, Jacqueline Lynch, Nailah Michael, Elizabeth Millington and Bertha Pilgrim. Nominating Committee – Jean Cheltenham, Clytie Vaughn and Sharon Walke.

The Young Women’s Christian Association is a movement that opens doors through which women and girls can be of service to others. There are opportunities where women and men can economically empower themselves thus enriching their personal lives. The YWCA is a movement which is concerned with the particular needs of women and girls.

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