Who are the Friends of Guiding?

The Friends of Guiding (FOG), Barbados, formerly called the Local Association, is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to assist the Girl Guides Association of Barbados (GGAB). The group as it is currently constituted was reactivated in 1997.

FOG functions in accordance with its Constitution and is made up of persons who previously have either been members of the Guides Movement or simply have a desire to assist in the development of the members of GGAB. Its Mission is to support the ideals, aspirations and programmes of the Girl Guides Movement and actively work to promote the interests of GGAB.

Adult males and females who are willing to uphold the FOG principles and, by example, make a positive contribution to helping the girls and young women of GGAB become productive citizens, are welcome to join the organisation. Interested persons may leave their contact information at Pax Hill at telephone number 426-2202.

Activities include various business meetings, fund development, membership care and development and making contributions to other worthy causes.

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