Trouble in terminal

Combatants square off.

Scores of innocent passengers using the Cheapside ZR and minibus terminal came face to face with potential life threatening injuries as a result of an altercation between a route taxi passenger and two operators yesterday.

According to a witness who was in the stand at the time, around 2:15 p.m. a passenger on a ZR van who apparently refused to pay was involved in an altercation with the conductors. The witness added that the passenger ran from the vehicle, picked up a large stone and hurled it across the terminal, apparently hitting more than one vehicle.

As a result, two of the public service vehicle operators quickly returned fire with their own missiles, before chasing the passenger in the direction of Fontabelle. One of the pursuing men was armed with a meat cleaver, he added.

The fleeing passenger, however escaped by running through Lakes Folly. The witnesses said though that the police’s response was prompt and within minutes one of the ZR workers who was still in the terminal was being held by police, while a second who had moments earlier departed in his vehicle, was stopped not far away.

There was no indication, however, that cops were successful in apprehending the passenger who reportedly started the brawl.

Up to this evening, police public relations officer Inspector David Welch was unable to identify or give information on the status of the men intercepted by lawmen.

Meanwhile though, a number of parsons who were in the terminal at the time expressed disgust at the level of lawlessness that occurred yesterday, as well as the general conduct of both public service vehicle workers and some passengers from time to time.

“I could have been seriously injured by their behaviour,” one woman said, while calling for tougher action from authorities when such incidents occur. (RRM/LB)

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