Tragic fall

A large crowd gathered at the scene.

by Kimberley Cummins

Two months ago the Nicholls family was celebrating with Angel Nicholls on her wedding day. This evening they were grieving her death.

Earlier in the day the 24-year-old succumbed to injuries she suffered after she fell from the fifth floor of the City Centre Mall. A visit by the Barbados TODAY team to her mother’s home in Denton Road, Grazettes, St. Michael this evening found family, friends and neighbours gathered and reflecting on the life of the young woman.

Gazing through photographs of the former St. James Secondary student on her wedding day, a family friend said this was not the Angel she knew.

“She loved to sing and dance, she would go to the beach regularly and she just loved to enjoy herself.”

“Picnics anything, she involved, she was involved in everything,” a neighbour interjected.

“That is why this is a shock because that is not the Angel we know. She is somebody that would move and keep on moving; she was strong — very. Never used to let nothing get she down. It is a shock to everybody that she do this,” the friend said as she tried by console the decease’s sister, Katrina who was too grief stricken to speak.

“You could look in the photos and see she was happy,” another neighbour shouted.

Nicholls lived in Storey Gap in Codrington Hill and she was the last of five children. Her stepfather described her as a very nice person.

“She just had a little issue differently and it led to whatever it led to because everybody can’t take on the same thing. She wasn’t pun no drugs, nothing, a normal girl,” he said.

Traffic in the City was brought to a standstill this morning as Nicholls laid on the asphalt, seriously injured. While she moved around, as if in pain, officers placed card board under her body, covered her with linen and shaded her from the sun with an umbrella as her mother wept openly.

Through it all friends and family tried to console her mother, as the large crowd continued to grow in front of the City Centre Mall.

At the scene, Public Relations Officer in the Royal Barbados Police Force, Inspector David Welch, told Barbados TODAY that after initial examinations, she appeared to have sustained broken limbs, along with injuries to her face and one of her hands.

Welch said the incident occurred around 11:25 a.m., when as police officer were driving by she landed in front of their vehicle.

A person who identified herself as a friend, and who preferred not to give her name, said she believed that Nicholls did not fall, but rather that someone else was involved.

“I know she [from] karaoke … because she could sing good. She would never do nothing so and I also talked to her mother and she know she would never do nothing so… Something else would have happened that we don’t know about. I don’t feel she would have walked up their either, she would have had to be in a vehicle or something.”

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