The silence is deafening

How come we haven’t heard Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Central Bank Governor, Dr Delisle Worrell reporting on this recent decline in tourist arrivals? Why the deafening silence?

This time last year Sealy was chest-pumping over the bump tourism got from the Rihanna concert. I also remember how both Sealy and Worrell were “high-fiving” over a 0.3 per cent increase in arrivals a few years ago.

What “good news” could Prime Minister Stuart be awaiting for him to call elections now? Everyday the news seems to be getting worse for his DLP government, and Moody’s should be giving its assessment of the economy anytime now.

It may be better for Stuart to call early elections ahead of a possible Moody’s downgrade and boast that it happened under the BLP, and not on his watch.

— Carl Harper

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