Protecting the children

It has become quite overbearing and beyond painful to watch so I think it’s about time I give my two cents on the issue. I’m not one to sit and go through the videos, pictures or gossip on World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) but I was on Twitter recently and I noticed that my entire timeline was ranting about this video they saw so I thought I’d take a look. The video was a scene in Jamaica with some kind of day time dub (I’m not sure what exactly it’s called in their culture) in the street.

We all know Jamaicans have quite a wild style when it comes to dancing, so I won’t touch that topic; especially since I was one of the Bajans who was annoyed by the views/comments on WSHH as it relates to Rihanna’s costume at Crop-Over. Due to this fact, I won’t bash anyone’s culture simply because I don’t understand it.

I won’t ignore the fact that some of the dances seemed quite dangerous (as one girl was spun around on a rooftop of a small house with her legs wrapped around a male and she and said male also climbed up a utility pole and had another jam session). However, as I said, that’s Jamaican culture so I will not judge.

My concern however, arose when I noticed a little boy, no older than six years, in the midst of the crowd, merrily playing on a swing and observing his surroundings. Exposing such a young child to vulgar behavior like that seems to be some form of child neglect in my opinion.

I’m aware of the fact that you can only shelter a child from the world for so long, but is such a display really appropriate for the eyes of a six year old? I’d also like to state the fact that I’m aware that persons may think that carrying children to Grand Kadooment or allowing them to watch BET is the same thing. Quite frankly it is, it may be in a different setting, but the outcome will be the same. The way young boys view women in their future may be as a result of their exposure to such crude behavior. And then we wonder why men treat women the way they do…

Nay <3

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