JADA backs Vanterpool

L-R) Terri Archer, Monique Archer, Rosalind Vanterpool, Joy Bjerkhamn and Bjorn Bjerkhamn.

Financial worries are out of the way and Rosalind Vanterpool is concentrating only on preparing for the Olympia Competition in Las Vegas, Navada at the end of next month.

Vanterpool was given not only a boost of confidence but a financial step up which has eliminated the financial worries, when her employers came forward as her sponsor for next month’s competition.

Monique Archer of Archer’s Hall Design Center said sports was also dear to her heart and supporting Vanterpool was also made easy because of the caliber of individual she is.

Bjorn Bjerkhamn, Archer’s father and head of the parent company JADA said it was with pride they were standing behind Vanterpool and not only wishing her well but congratulating her for reaching this level.

“It is the in thing for businesses to align themselves with athletes after they have done well, but we are well aware that a lot has to go in if that athlete is to do well. I have observed Roz for a while and she is not only committed to Archer’s Hall she is committed to her training and fitness in general. Even if she does not bring home the bacon so to speak, I can personally tell you it will not be for lack of trying,” he said.

Vanterpool in thanking her employees, now sponsors, said they have taken a tremendous load off her mind.

“The stress now is less. I now have to worry or rather I can now concentrate only on preparing for competition in Las Vegas.Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said.

Vanterpool won the 2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Figure Competition and that propelled her to Las Vegas where she intends to fly the Barbadian flag high and proud.

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