Digicel expands

CEO of Digicel Barbados and OECS South, Barry O’Brien; Islands Manager Canouan and the Grenadines, Roy Lyons and CEO of CCA Elena Korach enter the new establishment.

Digicel now have a bold new face in the Grenadine island of Canouan.

The regional telecommunication service provider today opened a specially branded store on the island, marking a major milestone.

Chief Executive Officer for Barbados and the OECS South, Barry O’Brien, at the official launch sauid:

“The cornerstones of Digicel’s philosophy and success has been to build bigger and better networks and services coupled with reduced prices, offering best-in-class customer service whilst contributing back to the local community. With this store we continue to live by this philosophy.

“This store is now the official Digicel Canouan store and office built to Digicel’s usual high standards.

“The original idea for this store came from a staff meeting in Barbados a few months back. Rob Lyons, Islands Manager for Canouan and the Grenadines noticed that customers were looking for a retail outlet where they could get easy access to Digicel’s product and services and also get advice from Digicel staff.

“We then added to the idea by suggesting it also becomes the Digicel Canouan office. And here we are, with typical Digicel speed, three months later…

“The store itself will provide customers with a world class Digicel retail outlets with the unique feature of also being a Digicel office. The … office will be open to answer your queries supported by Digicel staff in St. Vincent and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean.”

He added: “This store reinforces the fact that Digicel is 100 per cent committed to remaining the premier mobile provider for mobile services in Canouan.”

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