Making LIME entrepreneurs

Approximately 50 former employees of LIME could be affected by a new arrangement where they will be offered an opportunity to run its four retail centres.

A Lime source stressed that some former employees could also find employment with the entrepreneurs who were successful in the tendering process.

The source offered this explanation after the company issued a short release on the matter this afternoon. However, no date was given for when this new arrangement would come into place since discussions were taking place with the Barbados Workers Union, which represents workers.

In a Press release, the telecommunications company disclosed that “it will be redefining the way it currently does business in its retail space and moving towards a franchise-type model, offering colleagues an opportunity to convert from employees to entrepreneurs.

Vice-President of Consumer Sales, Suzanne Downes, disclosed that with this model, the company would be going to tender for the management of its four retail stores. The tender document would be distributed internally to the retail teams first, she added, giving them the opportunity to bid.

LIME noted that in the Caribbean and across the globe telecommunications providers had already adopted this model of outsourcing their retail centres.

It was explained that LIME would still be responsible for outfitting and the look and feel of the four outlets.

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