Let's hear it for the girls!

Next week Wednesday Honey Jam Barbados launches its upcoming series of events.

Founder Ebonnie Rowe will detail plans for this year’s auditions, artist workshops and showcase. Divi Southwinds is the venue for the event which starts at 6:30 p.m.

Honey Jam, an all-female developmental multigenre multicultural showcase (see www.honeyjambarbados.com), is a platform for young women to gain exposure, education, mentoring and networking opportunities in the music industry and arts community.

Along with the artist workshops and showcase, they also promote women’s charities and offer opportunities to female entrepreneurs. It is based on the Honey Jam movement in Canada (see www.honeyjam.com) which boasts Nelly Furtado as their most famous alumna. The concept was introduced to Barbados in February 2011 to an overwhelming response from the artists, public and media.

Honey Jam showcases feature all young local female artists representing a variety of genres — country, opera, folk, alternative, R&B, hip hop, rock, reggae, spoken word, jazz, gospel, etc. — a cultural potpourri. The artists are also given the opportunity to attend a free vocal and performance workshop and music industry session to learn more about the music business and receive valuable information and advice about their careers.

It is really beautiful to see young people with vision, who are more than just talk. This sister, Tenneille Doyle and Barry Knight are three such youngsters who have shown vision and a commitment to brightening our artistic landcape and nuff respect to them.

It is to people like these that the cultural maguffies should look when making their plans. These young people know the business and have the energy to make a great contribution. What they are doing will make a difference to what our artists have to offer and they should be encouraged.

VIP PASS salutes the young Bajan musical entrepreneurs. Respect!

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