The Garcia saga

At times I wonder if there is ever an end to certain sagas and daily screen plays as I term what’s going on in Barbados. For example, we are still awaiting the results from the local drama series at Alexandra School and since the end of the inquiry school has restarted and I am assuming people are back on the job.

What is going to happen if the result of this inquiry does not fit in with those who felt they were being made to be in an uncomfortable environment?

The Raul Garcia saga is back in the air again, and it seems to be heading for a new chapter. At present he is the safest person outside of prison. I am not too sure that the Governor General, Prime Minister or Attorney General has such close security. I am assuming he has a maid, a cook and a chauffeur too, but he is still not a free man after serving his term imprisoned.

No one but himself chose a path of crime doing what he was convicted of, which is trafficking drugs, so only he has to pay for that. But I am not too satisfied with the fact that he still cannot return to his Cuban birthplace, or his adopted home of Miami.

I am again assuming he left Cuba in search of a better life and as most Cubans do ended up in Miami. With the strict laws of Cuba, he now becomes a prodigal son of sorts but not one that will be accepted back into the fold. I believe the fact that he is now an ex-convict makes it even tougher on his relations with Cuba.

Most of us may be saying just pack him on a flight and fly him to Havana, but it is not as easy as that. The airline that takes him will now be responsible for him and when he is dropped off in Havana and paperwork is not in accordance with Cuban immigration that said airline now has him to fly back to the port from whence he departed.

We have laws here too, but if a Barbadian national is convicted in the US and is later to be deported we accept that person. We have had many instances where a deportee became involved in crime again and channelled other na?ve youngsters into a life of crime. Some of these crimes are violent and some are the crafty type that let local authorities know that it has to be one of foreign influence. I am of the opinion that Cuba has no interest in any such person, especially when they have been a defector for so many years.

I often hear that the law is an ass but we have no choice but to follow that beast script by script. We are governed by that ass so we can’t just free Garcia into the community to live and work as normal citizens. Firstly he is not a citizen, and does not have the rights of such. He is not a tourist either and does not have that comfort either. What he is, is a convicted drug trafficker who has done his time and has no place to go as no one wants him.

Those of us who are saying let him out to fit into civilisation may soon be singing a new tune if he is employed by someone. The tune will be one that he is taking up a job a citizen should be holding. Now don’t forget he is not legal and to employ him will be illegal too. What does Garcia do?

He is now like the kitten or little stray puppy found all flea and tick infested and no one is willing to lay claim on him. That puppy or kitten is placed in a shelter where it is cared for and may later find a home somewhere in the terraces of some well to do family who may never know that he was of such a background, but such is not the case with Raul, as he is not being adopted by anyone.

Maybe some caring Barbadian will sign on to do such, if the law allows. Have him living in their home doing the gardening and landscaping or, depending on his skills, something more technical. If he is bilingual he may help them or their children to speak Spanish too. I do hope there is no more hunger strike planned by him, but some of us here have the occasional forced hunger strike due to being unable to buy food.

He has meals being provided for him so he might as well make use of it. I never see the use of taking such action. If you want to live you have to eat and all this dying for a cause isn’t going to help if you are dead.

I wish David Comissiong well in trying to get this man the freedom he deserves. He is not a dumb animal, just a man who took the wrong path and by law has paid for it. This goes to show that even after serving the time the acts of crime still has lasting effects, so we need to choose our paths carefully.

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