Scrutinise customs officers too

Why do customs officers consider themselves a special group beyond scrutiny or reproach?

Our ports of entry (air and sea) are points of key national security interests, and those who work there and are responsible for keeping this island safe should be persons of the highest integrity.

The customs officers have in the past opposed cameras in their work areas, security inspections on entry and exit, and now background checks and polygraph tests. What do they have to hide that they are always so resistant to any proposed change?

I believe these strict security measures should be expanded to include immigration, police, security personnel, and anyone who has access to the high security zones at these ports. We also need to keep meddling politicians and persons who believe they have clout out of these areas, unless they have the necessary security clearance and escort.

The national security of Barbados is bigger than any group of individuals and should not be compromised. We are signatories to various international treaties, conventions and protocols, and must comply with their requirements.

For smoother and successful implementation of these changes in the future, government must put a mechanism in place to better communicate with employees, unions and interest groups well in advance of policy shifts.

— Carl Harper

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