Last bit of fun!

children of the pine treated to back-to-school party by BLP’s santia bradshaw

For some children of the Pine, going back to school might have never been so much fun.

Last weekend, candidate for St. Michael South East, Senator Santia Bradshaw hosted a back-to-school party, which she said was due to demand stemming from her annual Christmas affair.

For the last two years, she explained that the Make A Difference Foundation, of which she is a founding member, had been hosting an annual party at Christmas called Auntie Santia’s Annual Christmas Kids’ Party. She said since there was not much by way of activities ahead of the start of school and due to requests from children in the constituency, she decided to host the party at Plantation Garden.

The Make A Difference Foundation stated: “We recognise the increasing annual costs of textbooks, stationary supplies and school uniforms and the difficulties which some families face in covering the cost of these items for their children. We also believe that in preparation for the new school term children should be given an opportunity to not only have their last bit of fun but also be reminded of the importance of education and striving for excellence in their area of interest.”

“It was also an outlet for the Make A Difference Foundation charity to be able to help some of the children as well,” she said, adding that several companies and individuals made donations to the foundation, which were in turn given to the children in the form of geometry sets, crayons and other school related supplies.

The party also saw performances from Crimeson, Unda Dawg and Skinny Fabulous, along with Vincentian performer Ton de Magician. (LB)

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