$75,000 for City

lime donates to bridgetown beautification cause

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce through The Revitalisation of Bridgetown Initiative is now one step closer in achieving its goal of transforming Bridgetown into a modern city of diversity, blending culture, entertainment, accommodation, heritage and hospitality.

Last Friday the chamber launched its beautification project area for the initiative, with Lime Barbados contributing their first tranche of funds committed to the project. The presentation of the $75,000 cheque from LIME Barbados came on the heels of BCCI meeting with a number of public sector agencies to work on beautifying one small yet key area in the heart of Bridgetown – Heroes Square. For BCCI, partnering with corporate entities such as LIME Barbados will be key to enhancing both the civic spaces and commercial areas of Bridgetown.

Speaking on the presentation of the cheque, chair of The Revitalisation of Bridgetown Initiative, Sharon Christie, said: “This is yet another step forward in the on-going initiative that the chamber started since 2008. Our goal is to return Bridgetown to the centre of excellence for commerce, culture and entertainment in the Caribbean and wider afield.”

Meanwhile, President of BCCI, Lalu Vaswani, said: “A prosperous Bridgetown makes for a prosperous Barbados. We must congratulate the number of businesses who have come forward in the various ways and claim ownership to our Bridgetown and sharing in the vision.”

He also noted that all of this was a necessary part of maintaining Bridgetown’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Managing Director of LIME, Alex McDonald, said the cheque was one of a series of donations that LIME will be writing over the next two years, as a physical, tangible and monetary demonstration of our commitment to our capital Bridgetown.

The launch of the new project area was also endorsed by Member of Parliament for the City and Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Patrick Todd.

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