Solid sincerity

It is funny to see that when people are sincere, their endeavours usually come to fruition. Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury and his team have come up with some very good ideas, not only for the development of St. Peter, but for the island as a whole.

One of these ideas is the Speightstown Alive project which was started so as to encourage traffic into the Speightstown area and to bring revenue to all of the associated businesses. Apostle Scantlebury would have personally visited all of the businesses in the area to ask their advice, opinions and support in this venture.

A similar venture was undertaken quite quickly by another group and coincidentally had the same name. However, no businesses were involved in the groundwork and when asked, many people said that they saw no change in traffic or revenue on the day the event was held (August 1, 2012).

It is ironic that Apostle Scantlebury held an event called Six Mens Alive on this same day and it was an astounding success. How is it that a small village could have an event and it would be more successful and animated than a supposedly bigger event held in a town you might ask?

It has to do with how sincere a person is in their efforts. No imitations, no self aggrandisement, no false promises — just sincerity.

— Winston Clarke

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Pictures supplied by writer with descriptions.

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