Gov't to provide more housing for St. James

Parliamentary representative for St. John, Mara Thompson in attendance last night.

Nearly 200 lower to middle income housing solutions are coming to the West Terrace Haynesville area.

This was disclosed yesterday afternoon by parliamentary representative, Donville Inniss as he addressed a meeting of his branch at Wanstead.

He disclosed that heavy duty equipment was already in place to clear the area between West Terrace Gardens and Durants, St. James, where 72 middle income houses are to be built.

This project, he said, which is being considered an extension of West Terrace Gardens, will have the additional benefit of another access to the sprawling development, this time from Durants Village. The project will be executed by ADC Builders and the National Housing Corporation and should be completed in one year to 18 months.

Inniss, who is also minister of health, noted that while the prices of the properties were not yet known, the project was being classified as middle income.

Meanwhile, final preparations for another project, this time for lower income earners, are now taking place. Inniss said this will end up being executed either as lots for sale or high rise apartments as an extension of Haynesville.

In addition, the MP said Government was pushing ahead with its programme to provide long-term tenants in its rental units across the island with title deeds to their homes, with as many as 300 Haynesville families set to benefit.

In fact, he noted that as many as ten per cent had already received their title deeds, with the vast majority no longer paying rent. Once all the legislative work is completed to effect the transfers, he added, residents would have the benefit of ownership, security and the ability to use their homes as collateral in other business transactions.

The transfers will also remove a major maintenance burden from the shoulders of the NHC, Inniss added, noting that for a long time the agency’s maintenance bill exceed rents collected.

The St. James South MP also identified a number of other projects, which he said would benefit residents of the area, including a new vendors’ facility at Husbands Gardens to replace an ageing canteen. It will provide a courtyard, kitchen, storage area, deli, dry goods shop and booths for at least six entrepreneurs.

St. James South residents will also benefit from road improvements, including the paving of the main Haynesville road and Husbands Heights. Inniss also promised residents that police would be stepping up patrols in the areas around the University of the West Indies now that students have returned to classes, as a counter to any plans by criminals. (RRM)

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  1. Yvette Clarke January 21, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    I was wondering if a returning National is eligible to apply for the purchase a middle income home in the Haynesville area as described in the article titled ‘Added by aaswat on September 10, 2012’?
    Thank you,
    Y Clarke


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