Apology due from Dems for Alexandra

Glyne Murray

The Democratic Labour Party should apologise to Barbados for the state of affairs at the Alexandra School.

Former Barbados Labour Party Senator Glyne Murray told a party meeting at the Alma Parris School that the whole Alexandra affair was an embarrassment and at the end of the day the commission will not bring anything new.

“All that has really come out of the Alexandra affair is what older people call a have-out… All they did was to bring more details, more sordid muck and embarrassment to what we know was happening at Alexandra. I say it was totally unnecessary,” said Murray.

He further stated: “I am sure what will come out is nothing more than that, because the facts have not changed at Alexandra. All that has changed is the amount of ventilation that you have given to the messy details, some which Barbados could have done without.”

He said he had great concern about the attitude of people to the school, as well as the feelings of those that go or went to the institution.

“We remember the great damage that was done to the St. George Secondary School because of a report that was published about alleged pornographic movie and it took many, many years but a lot of hard work on behalf of many principals to try to redeem and restore the image and reputation of the St. George Secondary School.

“I suspect a similar thing will have to be done at the Alexandra School. No one should be proud of what has gone on there and the Dems should apologise to the country for bringing that school into such disrepute and such disregard to lower it in the esteem not only of the rest of Barbados, but the entire Caribbean, in an area of Barbados that has achieved a great deal of distinction of being one of the finest education systems anywhere in the world.” (LB)

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  1. sean daniel September 19, 2012 at 10:45 am

    An unfortunate comment from a senior BLP spokesman, our society needs to be more accountable and transparent and the type of commission which brought telling details to the fore provides an opportunity to settle this (based on the learned commissioner’s recommendations) once and for all. The desire to keep things hidden is perhaps why there was no effort to settle this since the 2005 industrial action at the school under the BLP


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