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The acute nursing shortage at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital will shortly be resolved.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss this afternoon announced that the severe pressure being experienced by the QEH, due to an inadequate nursing staff, particularly in the Accident & Emergency Department, should soon be significantly eased, as the hospital starts advertising for more nurses from this weekend.

The disclosure by Inniss was made while he addressed the graduation ceremony of the “Competence-based Instructional Design Facilitation and Assessment Workshop and Urgent Care Training Course” in the auditorium of the QEH. He revealed that only last Tuesday, he met with the hospital’s Director of Medical Services, Dr. David Callender, during an impromptu visit to the A&E to see first-hand what the daily complaints regarding long delays were all about.

“We were able to have an impromptu discussions about nursing, the Human Resource Department of the QEH and the medical staff in particular, to understand once again the challenges that confront that department, especially in relation to the availability of nurses for A&E; and I believe that a solution is underway,” he said.

“As early as this weekend,” he continued, “the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been asked to advertise for additional nurses to help ease the pressure here, in this institution.”

However, Inniss suggested that such an initiative was not going to work for ever.

“My own view is that we have to get it right in the polyclinic system. We have to get it right at the primary care level, if not we will continue to be spinning top in mud

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