Importance of ICT

Cuting the ribbon to declare the Techno Village opened.

Information and communications technologies have an extremely important role to play in the future of Barbados’ national development.

Minister of Commerce and Trade, Senator Haynesley Benn, expressed this view earlier today while addressing the 19th edition of the Information and Communications Technologies Road Show at Independence Square, the City.

He pointed out that the event sought to build awareness and understanding of the many issues surrounding ICT application. In addition, the road show was designed to provide an opportunity to sensitise the population on relevant sector specific ICT issues.

Stressing the importance of information and communication technologies in today’s world, Benn said: “We all can see how the application of ICTs can easily facilitate businesses which are interested in developing new products and services as well as new managerial systems. Some recent examples that readily come to mind are online-banking, electronic data interchange and online tax filing.”

Benn argued that recognising this fact, most progressive countries, whether developed or developing, were seeking to exploit the virtues of ICTs by implementing various strategies.

He pointed out that in recognition of the critical importance of the technologies, Government had rolled out the Barbados National ICT Strategic Plan 2010-2015 titled: An Efficient Networked Island. The government senator said the vision was for Barbados to become a major information, communication technologies and services hub within the region and internationally.

Benn said: “The vision therefore envisages the conversion of Barbados into an E-country by a specified time. The plan is intended to serve as a roadmap or blue print for the application and utilisation of ICTs across the length and breath of Barbados.”

He explained that under its strategic plan Government hoped to:

* Establish and deploy an efficient and reliable national ICT infra-structure throughout the country, offering access to regional and international networks;

* Promote and facilitate the use

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