Call for greater accountability

Greater accountability is what Chief Education Officer Laurie King wants to see in the education system.

He told teachers at a historic consultation meeting that brought together most of the stakeholders in education ahead of the start of the Michealmas Term that their influence was far reaching, and effective teachers had long lasting impact.

“We however, have to move towards a stronger focus on accountability and on careful analysis of variables that affect educational outcomes. We have to keep the vision for the achievement of excellence in focus and work together to meet the challenges and solve the problems that confront us. Where there is a problem there is an opportunity; the solution is usually tied up in causality,” King said.

Education was not static, said the chief, and as the society changed, so too would the demands placed on it.

The widespread use of technology, he said, was also having impact on the system in ways that had to be dealt with.

“How can we ensure that no students drops out or is indeed pushed out of our programmes? How can we indeed maintain a quality education system?

“As we move into the future there is a need to evaluate where we are and where we need to go. Measures designed and implemented thus far have proven to be successful in developing literate citizens capable of meaningful and productive existence.”

Schools, he added, must be more inclusive of all and the needs of all must be met, so processes must be put in place to address diversity in the system. (LB)

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