BHTA sales strategy working

Recently the BHTA has been using a sales strategy under the heading Flash Sale in order to generate interest and drive Staycation sales. Let me start by congratulating the BHTA on a wonderful and forward thinking initiative. I am aware that there are some persons who may not fully understand what a Flash Sale is and how it works, so let me explain.

A Flash Sale is a yield management tool used in the hospitality industry [they can also be used in other industries as well] in order to generate last minute sales. Normally the Flash Sales is at a discounted rate from the normally advertised rate and the window for booking is very short, even though the period for redemption may span a few months.

Flash Sales are normally communicated through electronic and social media and more often than not provide the viewer with a link to the establishment for whom the sale is offered in order that the viewer can search for other details about that establishment.

I can say without a doubt that this strategy which has been deployed by the BHTA is working. Ever sense the beginning of this strategy persons have been calling in to confirm their reservations, but also of equal importance, they have been making inquiries about other products and features to add on, which naturally could not all have been added in the sale.

There is also another side to benefiting from these Flash Sales. This type of strategic approach creates a top-of-mind awareness which would otherwise have been missing without this approach. This awareness keeps prospected customers looking at the establishments advertising. Because the Flash Sales are done on a very ad hoc basis and because the booking windows are so short, prospects are always on the lookout in order to cash in on these specials.

Quite a number of hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities have been exposed to the public over the last couple of weeks because of this strategic move. Again I want to congratulate the BHTA on finding creative ways to generating business for its membership. I am also excited by the response from the public to this new initiative.

We are into the most difficult period of the tourism calendar — this also means that as a country we are in the weakest foreign exchange earning period. If we are to continue to ride the rough economic wave, while sustaining our own quality of life, this one needs to be recognised, celebrated and supported.

* Tourism is our business, let us play our part.

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