Whither goest thou?

One thing is certain, this country will not be the same as in 1994 when a new government takes office after the next general elections here in Barbados. Potential for growth and economic development will be shallow.

I note with interest that this Democratic Labour Party government is promising that many actions and programmes will come to fruition next year. The chief “publicist” of these novelties is one who does not speak unless CBC is present.

But what are the chances of growth? Where has “all” the world’s money gone? Perhaps one can say, “Gone to line the pockets of the few, so there’ll be no new dawn … until they say so.” Indeed, there may be no new dawn in Barbados too soon just as there will only be a new dawn in America if Nit … so sorry, Mitt wins the presidency.

After this US presidential election, however, America can never again talk to any country about democracy. That concept in that country has taken flight on the wings of BIG money masquerading, with the blessing of the so called supreme court, as free speech.

So who really controls the world’s purse strings? My understanding is that monied groups have done so through the years starting with the Royal Institute of International Affairs which was founded in London in 1920, then the Council on Foreign Relations followed in 1921, and then came the Bilderberg Group (1954), the Club of Rome (1968) and the Trilateral Commission (1973). These are dominated by the family of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other major manipulators, who, in turn, answer to higher powers.

These organisations have among their number the top people in global politics, business, banking, military, media, “education” and so forth. These are the channels through which the same global policies are co-ordinated outside of public knowledge through apparently unconnected countries, political parties, and institutions. The upper levels of some “societies” are also said to connect into this Round Table.

So whither goest Barbados, caught up as we are as mere pawns in a global struggle? Well there was a time when we were outstandingly different in the Caribbean. It was a time when being your brother’s keeper was the norm. Sharing was much in evidence, even if it meant adding another cup of water to the soup if someone dropped by unexpectedly, We shared what we brought form family “in the country” with friends and neighbours.

Sometimes, today, even if one invites a neighbour over they may not show up. It is hard to be your brother’s keeper if your brother does not even see you when you are standing in front of him or her. Yet we must lead change so that Barbados will, once again, become a good place to be and then we shall know with certainty where we are going. It takes leadership. I am prepared to lead where I can. Are you too going to lead? Please say yes. — Michael Rudder

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