Ministry's Eye on Alexandra

A monitoring team from the Ministry of Education will return to the Alexandra School on Monday morning.

Chief Education Officer Laurie King told Barbados TODAY that similar to what had occurred following the return of teachers to classrooms after a strike by a majority during the last school year, the ministry would keep a close eye on the institution.

“School will be, the status quo will remain. As you know there was a commission of enquiry and that enquiry has asked that they be given until September 21 to issue their recommendations. They have had their staff meetings and everything during the course of this planning week. So they should be set to reopen on Monday,” said King.

Teachers at the school went on strike during the last school term protesting a number of matters which they claimed stemmed from the treatment and behaviour of Principal Jeff Broomes. Following their return to the classrooms a commission of enquiry began on June 28 and concluded on August 29, when final submissions were made.

Subsequently, the date for the handing over of the report and recommendations had been extended to later this month, after the opening of the new school term.

King explained that the ministry would be putting measures in place to see to the smooth running of matters there until the required reports were in.

“At the end of the last school year we had put a monitoring team in place and that same monitoring team, oversight committee as we prefer to call it, will be in place to respond to any immediate concerns and to give essentially any assistance to the staff or that would be required to the staff and students.

“We have done our utmost best to respond to any concerns coming from the parents throughout the course of the entire summer and certainly the oversight committee would be there as well to give support in that regard,” said the chief. (LB)

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