Lord havest mercy!

West Indian Carnival revellers in action.

We thought we were bad?

If you haven’t already, check the Facebook images of Labour Day, or the West Indian Carnival as they seem to be calling it now. On second thoughts, if your heart isn’t strong you should probably stay away.

True, I didn’t see any images of little children wukkin up on any adults but there is one woman in particular, wearing the smallest thong you can imagine, pooching back in such a way that you can see clear up to her tonsils. And she is just wearing pasties, no top.

Lord havest mercy! Wunnah dun know I en nuh prude but cuddear, man; enough is enough. As I have said in this space already I have no problem with pelvic movement and I fully understand that some of the hysteria that arises every time a woman starts to pelt waist has its origin in a monstrous hypocrisy that rules Barbados, one of the kinkiest places in the world. Yes, I said it!

Lissen, dey got tings dat does go on in dis Buhbaydus dat some parts o’ de worl’ en even think bout yet; trust me. When you realise that as long ago as the 70s, for sure, there was a live sex show going on at Harry’s Nitery right on one of the busiest roads in the City, Bay Street, you will understand that kinkiness and perversion such as The Back Door and The Back Door In Full, two “games” played at Harry’s, are nothing new.

And these events were attended by the cr?me de la cr?me of Bajan society; don’ get tie up. An owner of a club that specialised in live sex shows here told me that when he was raided by police one night he didn’t have to worry, as his lawyer was sitting in the front row, with his wife!

I’m saying all this to make that point that there is a massive hypocrisy surrounding sex and sexual expression in Barbados. That does not in any way signify, however, that we should look on approvingly at such demonstrations as recently seemed to shock the nation.

It seems, however, that once there is a beat, some of us in the region can’t help but go overboard. The Labour Day images reflect exactly this. What was significant to me, though, is that it seemed to be a minority carrying the thing too far.

I also saw some beautiful costumes and, most of all, some impressive choreography on the road. It was by no means all about scandalous behaviour. The over-the-top woman I spoke of earlier has received so many damning comments on Facebook that she may think again before another similar display. Then again, someone wrote that she does the same thing at Kadooment.

I’m sure that if all the people here who seemed so scandalised by the Kadooment displays witnessed some of the excesses of Labour Day, Two Sons, Ken Jones and James Wilson, among others, would have been busy.

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