Coastal clean-up


The Girl Guides Association will lend its support in the annual International Coastal Clean-up, coordinated locally by the Caribbean Youth Environment Network on September 15, 2012.

Members will work at Chandler’s Bay, which borders the land of Campsite ‘Brankers’ in St. Lucy.

All Guiders and Commissioners and their Brownie and Guide units, as well as other members and friends who are interested in participating in the clean-up, please contact the Commissioner for Environmental Matters, Gina Belle by email subject attention: Sept 15 CYEN Clean up at Branckers or call 426-2202.

Call for volunteers

Each year, Ocean Conservancy International in collaboration with organisations worldwide hosts the International Coastal Clean Up. This cleanup is a global effort to clean our coastal environment, waterways and preserve marine life.

The clean up is also a data-collection exercise, where the type and volume of waste collected at each site is recorded and documented in attempt to reduce the amount of waste deposited at our nation’s beaches. This data is then used to create awareness programs, targeted at spreading awareness of the importance of the oceans to human’s livelihoods and ensuring our beaches are kept clean from debris.

All around the world, ambitious volunteers work together to make this worthy event possible, and with your help, Barbados can make a significant contribution to the data being collected.

We are inviting everyone to be a part of this year’s clean up, which will occur on four beaches: Long Beach, Silver Rock, Skeete’s Bay and Chandler’s Bay (St. Lucy) on Saturday September 15, 2012 at 6 a.m. Individuals, families, companies, clubs, church groups and organisations are more than welcome to attend. Water, bags, gloves and data cards will be provided.

Groups/organisations you are welcome to sign up by giving us the number of persons volunteering within your group, along with a contact number, shirt sizes and the beach you would be attending to do the clean up.

For more information, visit the Facebook Page called “International Coastal Cleanup Barbados” or

Sign up information can also be sent via email to Asha Jones, National Coordinator, CYEN-Barbados and the subject of your email should be “ICC 2012 Pre-registration”. For more information please contact the ICC Barbados 2012 team at the offices of the CYEN at 4376055/56 or Asha Jones at 248-3535.

— Waynelle Collymore-Taylor

Caribbean Youth Environment Network-Barbados

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