For you Kelly

Kelly-Ann’s relatives as well as those of the other families remember her life.

They huddled together like one big family at the graveside of Kelly-Ann Welch in Christ Church Parish Church cemetery. But today, that was essentially what the six families still remembering the September 3 tragedy represented — one big family in mourning.

Just as they did at the graves of Tiffany Harding just moments before, family members leaned on each other and recalled that both Harding and Welch had been inseparable in life.

“When you saw one you would always see the other,” one of the members of the Harding family said to the Welches as they gathered with tears in their eyes, remembering the loss of their loved one so young and tragically.

“They were very close. They died together and they were together all the time,” a family member commiserated.

The families, and friends, along with representatives of the September 3rd Foundation, the Barbados Youth Service, Ministry of Youth Affairs representatives, had travelled in a convoy from the Westbury Cemetary, to Christ Church to lay wreaths and mementos on the grave of Welch.

Each of the six families, even those from St. Vincent, where Kellishaw Ollivierre was laid to rest and Guyana, where Pearl Amanda Cornelius now rests, were represented in the observance at the Christ Church cemetery.

Family members spoke of how much it meant that the September 3rd Foundation had so chosen to keep the memory of the six girls who passed on September 3, 2010 alive again this year and to be used as a symbol of peace and love across Barbados.

On the edges of the observance some relative burst into tears as they became overwhelmed with grief at the memory of Welch. (LB)

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