Barbados vulnerable to serious flooding

by Cathy Lashley

The months of September and October usually signal that we are now in the midst of the most active phase of the hurricane season, largely as a result of the warm seas associated with this time of the year. The season is a call-to-action for every resident, especially those living along the coast and in flood-prone areas.

Lest Barbadians are tempted to become complacent, there is always the reminder of Tropical Storm Tomas in 2010 which formed late in the season close to the island chain and went on to cause much damage to houses and led to flooding in Barbados.

However, the recent passage of tropical storm and later hurricane Isaac, is testimony to the fact that any system with wind speeds of over 60 kilometres and extended rain bands may cause significant damage and even death. That system tracked its way across the Caribbean and barrelled through parts of the southern United States as a Category One hurricane. And, the fact that Isaac could cause so much destruction (estimated at over four billion Barbados dollars) as a result of consistent heavy rainfall which led to flooding, is a constant reminder that Barbados, as a small island, with relatively flat terrain, is particularly vulnerable.

US forecasters have predicted that this year’s Atlantic hurricane season will

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