Artisans need 'traffic'

I respond to your recent article re the challenges faced by artists operating from the Pelican Village Craft Centre. These folks are highly-skilled artisans, giving wonderful expression through their various genres of art.

What they offer is far superior to any plastic frivolity made in China or Hong Kong, and gaudily proclaiming itself as a “souvenir of Barbados”.

In addition to producing genuine souvenirs, they are really interesting folks to chat with, explaining what they do, and their life-journeys. True national treasures, left to moulder and wither away. Really, really sad!

Is there not someone, somewhere in the vast expanses of the Civil Service, some minister with a conscience, who could arrange to place these guys somewhere on the tourists’ more well-beaten track, instead of this graveyard? Maybe, at that subvention-supported Barbados Museum & Historical Society, or similar location?

Quite simply, they need “traffic” or they die.

— Tony Webster

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