PM: Don't dodge


Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has warned fellow politicians against passing the buck and not accepting the responsibilities of their positions.

Addressing the opening this morning of a national consultation on The Changing Barbadian Society at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Stuart insisted that giving up such responsibilities was one way of losing this society.

In listing five ways in which citizens could help preserve the Barbadian society, his warning against abandoning one’s responsibilities was also directed at all leaders in the country.

“If we get to the stage where the freedom we seek in Barbados is freedom from responsibility, we can lose the society. Freedom from responsibility is not an option,” the he insisted.

Another point Stuart made was that the society would change for the better or worse, depending on the decisions or actions taken or not taken.

“We are not going to lose the society because those who are against it get stronger. We will lose it because those who are for it, get weaker,” the Prime Minister added.

To seek to strengthen another point, he drew reference to convicts at Dodds Prison, whom he suggested were willing to risk life and limb and family reputation in order to do wrong.

The Prime Minister then asked how many politicians, teachers, church leaders, journalists and other professionals were willing to risk everything in order to do the right thing.

“We have to harness a shared core of values and be prepared to fight to the death to preserve them,” he declared.

Stuart noted that it was all right for financial institutions and stores to lower their rates and prices to attract customers.

“But that is not an option open to people holding serious responsibilities. You cannot lower your standards to get the plaudits of the crowd. We must challenge people to rise to ever higher standards. Mediocrity is not an option in this society,” Stuart concluded. (EJ)

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