Team Mikey still giving

Ms. Carrington of the Haynesville Children’s Home flanked by her benefactors Mikey and Fiona Jones of the Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados.

The Team Mikey Movement made its final stop in this current leg two Sundays ago in a joint presentation which saw the fledgling charity joining forces with a household name among charitable organisations in Barbados.

The wards of the Haynesville Children’s Home were more than delighted when the members of Barbados’ newest charity and Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados paid them a visit over last weekend.

Getting back to honouring his commitment after the four-crown monarch wrapped up a busy Crop-Over season, chairman of the charity, Mikey, carried out a joint donation after liaising with the Pride of Barbados’ president, Fiona Jones.

Jones stated that the partnership came from the common interest to make a positive impression upon communities. She added that having worked with Mikey at St. Cyprian’s Boy’s School where Kiwanis has a Kid’s Club and Mikey is choir-master, they had previous interactions that highlighted their interest in working together.

“We have heard Mikey say more than once that everyone has been so good to him, he felt the need to give back.” Jones said.

Having made it through his first attempt at his own charity, Mikey said he was pleased with the effort put in by members of his team.

“It was a lot of hard work! Kind of tiring but I think it all paid off. The response and appreciation we got from all the homes was quite overwhelming,” he said.

With the need ever constant and not restricted to Crop-Over, Mikey has allayed the fears of persons who thought that his charity would only be a seasonal one.

He noted that the main part of his charity, the Team Mikey T-shirt drive of which all proceeds go to the local shelter for battered women, was very close to being concluded. The shelter is managed by Business and Professional Women’s Club of Barbados.

“We still have a few shirts to finish up and we should be able to present the cheque to the BPW by the middle of September. This leg of our first two projects is finished. The team will take a little break to regroup and then we will be looking to launch our final project for 2012 towards the end of October.” Mikey said.

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