Police seize cars, drugs

Two race cars, in for an international circuit meet this weekend, were today seized along with quantity of cannabis at the Bridgetown Port.

A source close to racing circles explained to Barbados TODAY that racing cars were usually packed in twos in containers along with wheels, spare parts, fuel and other necessities for such rally events. But today on inspection, it was found that two of the containers which were supposed to have fuel, instead contained packs of compressed marijuana.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch, said the seizure was the result of a joint exercise between Customs and Police’s Drug Squad at the port, where four packages of drugs weighing approximately 30 pounds were found in the two drums.

“As part of the force’s on-going eradication efforts, the Drugs Squad continues to carry out operations at the ports of entry. Three containers which arrived from Jamaica on Thursday, August 23, 2012 were searched. In one of the containers, two racing cars along with a number of drums said to contain fuel were found. In two of these drums, the illegal drug was discovered,” Welch stated in a release.

He noted that the container, cars and drums had been seized pending further investigations.

While the rally source said that the racing would continue at Bushy Park this weekend, the numbers of the two participants and their involvement had already been scratched from the event. (LB)

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