Mia promises $500m. in loans for hotels

St. Michael North East MP, Mia Mottley, has charged that all over the South Coast hotels were closing or about to close.

And to correct the situation, she promised that when the Barbados Labour Party forms the government they will be setting up a fund of $500 million to make low interest loans to some of the hotels that were now closed.

Mottley made these promises last Sunday night while addressing a BLP mass meeting at Sayes Court, Christ Church.

She gave the assurance that the funds would not come from the taxpayers’ money, but from the Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank and National Insurance funds.

The politician argued that if funds from the National Insurance Scheme were used in this area, the NIS could be assured of a good return on its money, unlike, she claimed, the money that was used to pay university fees or the Transport Board on which there was no return.

She argued that when the fund was created, Barbadian tradesmen would be employed refurbishing and restoring the hotels, and young women would also be able to find jobs.

She suggested that fishermen would then find a market in the hotels for their catches as well. The veteran MP said the BLP would also create a special fund for fishermen.

“There are people out there who do not go fishing because they do not want to; it is because they do not have the money to buy or lease a boat. But if you can give those same young men access to a boat, don’t you think they would not go and fish to support their families? You tell them straight you are going to fish, then fish. If you fish drugs you will lose the boat. The difference is that we are going to take a chance on you. We are not taking a chance on JADA alone. We are not taking a chance on Michael Walcott and the people that are involved in the BWA audit. We are taking a chance on everybody.” Mottley said.

The former Attorney General said the BLP had to bet on Barbadian people and allow them to get out of this economic harassment and kind of economic madness that the DLP is strangling them with every day, simply because they do not know what to do.

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