KFC goes to camp

Campers of Wee Care Nursery and Pre School Camp were elated after receiving a surprise visit from Club Chicky mascot, Chicky, just before heading out on another educational tour.

Sponsored for the first time by KFC’s Club Chicky, the Wee Care Nursery and Pre School Camp, located at 5th Avenue Belleville, proved to be that much more special for its 85 campers, thanks to a surprise visit from mascot, Chicky.

With shrieks of joy, the campers crowded Chicky with hopes of getting a touch of the friendly mascot as they were preparing to head off on one of their weekly educational tours.

Coordinator of the eight-week camp, Gail Davis, said Chicky’s visit was a thrill for the children and added to the number of memorable experiences already afforded to them by the generous sponsorship of KFC’s Club Chicky.

“The sponsorship by Club Chicky resulted in the camp’s numbers increasing significantly due to us being able to offer a greater range of activities which would be more attractive to the older children,” Davis said. “We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with KFC’s Club Chicky and the growth of the camp in years to come.”

Davis added that the camp, which catered to children ages five to 11, featured activities that included the use of recycled material for art and craft, Spanish lessons, viewing family movies and weekly tours to places of historical and educational interest.

The children also had an exciting cultural experience during the final week of Crop-Over as the camp held its own Kadooment celebration, which proved to be hit amongst the children and their parents.

Marketing Coordinator with KFC, Shekelia Barrow, noted KFC’s commitment to playing an active roll in the development of Barbados’ youth, stating that it’s involvement with the camp it another manifestation of this.

“Through the Club Chicky we have formed a number of partnerships with primary schools, in addition to supporting a variety of children’s causes. Our decision to partner with this camp stems from our desire to have a positive impact on the youth year round, therefore we sought out an avenue to stay connected with them during the long summer vacation period,” Barrow explained.

“The relationship has also proven to be mutually beneficial as those children who were not members of the Club Chicky readily signed on after attending the camp.”

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