'Great deception'


Former Minister of Health, Dr. Jerome Walcott, has described the Freundel Stuart Administration as “the Great Deception”.

Walcott made this claim last Sunday night while addressing a Barbados Labour Party mass meeting at Sayes Court, Christ Church.

The former Christ Church South MP recalled that as far back as 2007, then Prime Minister Owen Arthur warned that economic storm clouds were on the horizon, and the Democratic Labour Party pretended it had the answers.

He however noted that four-and-a-half years later, few Barbadians could say they were better off.

Walcott noted that the cost of living had risen significantly because the DLP had imposed $108 million in taxes in 2008.

He recalled that the DLP had also removed the subsidy on diesel, thereby pushing up the cost of living.

“Water went up by 60 per cent. All in the name of reducing the cost of living. What deception, what lies,” Walcott said.

Describing Prime Minister Freundel Stuart as the accidental prime minister, Walcott lamented the fact that while Barbadians were concerned about the economic hardships they were facing, Stuart was talking about the history of the DLP.

Walcott warned that through its polices the Dems were slowly killing the United Commercial Auto-Works Ltd, which was now owed $5 million by the Transport Board.

He recalled that UCAL was formed by the BLP to empower the workers who formerly worked in the board’s workshop.

Walcott charged that even though the Transport Board had recorded a deficit of $70 million, management was employing consultants at salaries as high as $10,000 and $12,000 per month.

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