Barbados gets first points

FIDE master Delisle Warner in deep concentration.

Barbados posted its first points in the 40th World Chess Olympiad, currently being played in Istanbul, Turkey, when the men’s team drew 2-2 with the team from the International Braille Chess Association (IBCA) while the women’s team lost 3-1 to Bolivia.

One of the unique features of the World Chess Olympiad is the presence of teams from the Blind, the Deaf and the Physically Disabled International Chess Associations.

While all other teams represent a country these teams comprise members from different countries who are the top disabled players in the world.

In their match against the IBCA team, Barbados had a disastrous start when international master Kevin Denny lost to international master Pjotr Dukaczewski on board 2.

International master Terry Farley brought things back on an even keel with a fine tactical win on board 3 against Sergey Grigorchuk.

With national champion FIDE master Martyn Del Castilho a rook up on board 1 against Yuri Meshkov and FIDE master Delisle Warner holding at bay FIDE master Oliver Mueller on board 4, it looked like the Bajan men were on their way to

winning their first match. Del Castilho’s piece advantage unfortunately turned out to

be more of a hindrance than an advantage and what appeared to be a won game became a fight for life.

A missed opportunity to convert to a draw allowed Meshkov to force a win and turn the match back into IBCA’s favour.

Fortunately for the Bajans, Warner’s opponent handled his endgame poorly allowing Warner to force a win and tie the match.

For the rest of the Caribbean there were wins for Cuba, Puerto Rico and Aruba.

Trinidad and Tobago drew 2-2 with Mauritius as did Suriname against Dominican Republic. Jamaica lost 3-1 to Algeria while US Virgin Islands, Haiti and Curacao lost 2 1?2 – 1 1?2 to Honduras, Syria and Namibia respectively.

For the Bajan women, national champion and CARIFTA Under-20 gold medalist, Katrina Blackman of the UWI Cave Sports Programme was the only member of the team to win her game when she defeated master candidate Carla Borda Rivera of Bolivia. (AH)

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