Back to school

Yoyoyoyo my ppl yes yes yes! We all know when the summer is winding dwn so the article about ‘back to school’ was bound to come sooner or later. Where did the summer go? Sigh. But anyhow it’s time to get back into that mode… Yes, school mode.

So we gotta set out our goals and make sure we achieve them. My challenge is battling school and work and making the necessary sacrifices to make it work. Everyone will have their individual challenges but you gotta pin point them and beat them bad lol. I’m telling you… You will feel accomplished at the end of the semester/school year.

Just remember your goals and remember how to write, lol, and don’t get caught up with the breezing. You had your entire summer to be wid your “boo” and chill wid your ppl. Don’t let it cut into the more important side of your life.

Get some positive people in your life – ones who will support you. It’s integral to have the backing of a good support system.

So at the end of the semester I wanna hear ppl rejoicing because they got the marks they deserved after putting in hard work. Good Luck to everyone.


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