Let Rihanna live her life!

Rihanna became a superstar because of who she is and her own talents. She just happens to come from Barbados and just happens to have the luck to be “discovered”. It is Rihanna who is famous, not Barbados.

Further, there is no government department, agency, business or person of Barbados which appointed her as “ambassador” — or made any contribution to her success — before the fact. The truth is, right now she could very well rightfully just walk away from her roots, become a US citizen and have the freedom of the world.

Fact: people who are famous are that way for a reason — they attract attention. Rihanna does that with fashion and behaviour, just like all the rest of them out there.

So get over yourselves. Rihanna is living her life as she wants to, and her own talents and work have made that possible. The rest of us may be envious, but we should not be playing to the “crabs in a barrel syndrome” — trying to pull her down so we can raise ourselves up.

Do you go around your neighbourhood telling people how they should behave? I thought not! Somebody would slap you so hard you would wake up next week. Rihanna does not owe you or any of us a living, nor is she subject to your “codes” of conduct.

So why are you picking on Rihanna? Is it because she can’t fight back? You already know she can’t win this one.

Get a life!

— Jim Lynch

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