Carlisle Trotman a free man

Attorney Arthur Holder and Carlisle Trotman after his release today.

It was a double celebration for Carlisle Trotman when he walked out of Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds this morning a free man.

The 50 year-old has two reasons to remember August 29, 2012 — it is the day he walked free after serving 30 years behind bars, and it is his father’s birthday.

Trotman was convicted on February 5, 1986 for murdering Michael Cox, of Rendezvous, Christ Church between July 1 and 9, 1985.

He was sentenced to death by hanging and that death sentence was reaffirmed on May 26, 1987 when the Court of Appeal dismissed submissions made on his behalf. Two years later on December 17 his sentenced was commuted to life in prison.

Attorney-at-law Arthur Holder pointed out that since 2004 Trotman was among a group of about seven inmates seeking to have their sentences remitted.

Frank Carter and Anthony Austin, also convicted of murder, had their sentence remitted and were freed in December last year.

Holder said that in June this year he received correspondence asking for evidential proof that he would be provided for if his requests were looked at favourably.

“I later submitted the affidavit stating that his father and sister would provide for him on his release and also from the church. The People’s Cathedral has given the assurance that they will be providing all the necessary counselling and spiritual support he will need in his integration back into society.

“On Friday I received a letter from the Governor General stating that Trotman would be freed, that his sentence had been remitted and that his release was scheduled for today Wednesday,” Holder said.

He added that he had no doubt that Trotman would make a meaningful contribution to society because of the necessary support structures around him and also because of his mature and responsible personality.

“This is a model prisoner we are dealing with. He was made a trustee at the prison since 1990 and he has won numerous awards at NIFCA. The Prime Minister’s Award, Irvin Payne and the Karl Broodhagen Award and also several gold awards. He was the art and leather craft teacher at the prison and it is my understanding that that is the vein he will continue in now that he is a free man,” they attorney said.

Holder also confirmed that there were other reformed persons who would have spent considerably long periods in prison for whom he is also seeking remittance.

“I am not in a position to mention their names for obvious reasons but if their submissions are viewed favourably then they too would be able to rejoin their families and contribute in a meaningful way to society,” he added.

A clean shaven Trotman accompanied by Holder walked away from prison the prison at Dodds in conversation, calmly got into a waiting car and left to celebrate with his father and enjoy his freedom. (DB)

2 Responses to Carlisle Trotman a free man

  1. Fare Trade August 30, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    that is why people killing they know once they serve d lil time them back on d rd again and somebody can see they child cause them dead

  2. Michael April 12, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    Michael was my Uncle, whom I’m named after, and never met.

    I hope Carlisle Trotman was reformed in prison. If not I hope he’s back in jail.

    Sadly, I’ll not get my redemption, as Michael remains dead.


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