St. Philip's queen

miss culpepper island cops most prizes, including miss st. philip

by Tonia Husbands

Under the theme St. Philip Ah Come From, the Penny Gems Cultural Group held the inaugural St. Philip Beauty Pageant under the patronage of MP Adriel Braithwaite at the Princess Margaret Secondary School to an almost full auditorium.

Five delegates, each of whom represented different areas in St. Philip, competed in talent, beauty and creativity, in a show that was filled with all local entertainment.

At the end of the night, crowd favourite Alicia Archer, Miss Culpepper Island, walked away with the coveted title of Miss St. Philip, as well as Best Talent, Most Improved, Best Swim Wear Body and Miss Punctuality. Huldah Rebecca Brown, Miss Light House, took the title of Best Gown, while Andrianna Pilgrim, Miss Crane, won Best Carried Gown and Miss Congeniality. Miss Three Houses, Danielle Ross won Miss Photogenic.

From the moment the show began and delegates entered the stage to Mr. Dale’s Wow in carnival costumes to introduce themselves, the audience knew it was in for a fine time.

Delegates then returned in their business wear, which was again well received by the crowd, as the contestants used the opportunity to add a little more to their outfit, whether it be briefcases or Ipads.

The talent segment was next on the programme and it must be mentioned that most of the contestants performed dramatic pieces accompanied by a song, with the exception of Pilgrim, who sang a solo, and Miss King George V Memorial, Akeila Darlington, who danced.

The talent segment was perhaps the only flaw in an otherwise commendable effort from St. Philip, as too many of the contestants showcased the same talent.

The swim wear segment, however, was not to be left out, as the St. Philip women graced the stage in purple swimsuits donated by the Penny Gems Cultural Group.

After intermission, it was time for the formal wear and it was evident on entry, even appearing at number one, that Browne would score highly in her Lester Welsh creation. The silver and white gown was truly a sight to behold as it sparkled on stage, earning her the top award in the category.

The Question and Answer segment, usually the toughest in competition, flowed smoothly however, as the questions came from the biographies which were given to the organisation.

Entertainment was provided by Nickyle Vlades, Mr. SJPP 2012, Jaleesia Pitt, Island Gems dancers, Tabia Dancers and Cherisse Maynard. The two most outstanding performances of the night though, came from Mya Cumberbatch, who did an excellent rendition of Rolling Deep by Adele and the Kiddie Couture Models, who brought the crowd to their feet with their confidence and modelling capabilities at such young ages.

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