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For just over two weeks a group of six Barbadians comprising: Jamila Bayne, Avianne Birkett, Robert Bourne, Applon Parris, Kenrick Rogers and Zakiya Worrell joined with others from the region for an adventure of a lifetime.

The group represented the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Barbados at the 32nd Caribbean Award Sub-regional Council Adventurous Journey from July 27 to August 12. The annual camp is one of the major activities of the award programme in the region.

Lasting over the same dates as the Olympics, the participants found themselves facing similar challenges as those taking part in the games in London. They were forced to show individual tenacity and employ team effort as they tackled varying hurdles.

Worrell, who attended to complete her gold qualifying journey said: “I have taken self-motivation and determination away from the event. In the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, by default, you learn to set your eyes on the prize and press on until the goal has been met.

“This is increasingly important as these skills can be used to improve work and academic ethic, build character and help to give you an optimistic outlook regardless of your immediate situation.”

An employee of Harrison’s Cave, Bayne was very intrigued to explore the caves of The Bahamas. One of the highlights was visiting Preachers Cave and Hatchet Bay Cave on Eleuthera, during the expedition which lasted four days they travelled across three islands. The one mile long Hatchet Bay Cave, Bayne noted, has been damaged by graffiti.

For her, taking part in CASC 2012 was a learning opportunity with regards to the organisation of such events. This will surely come in handy when Barbados hosts the event next year. Kenrick Rogers will be the Adventurous Journey leader in 2013 and he too gained much as it relates to managing the camp.

It was Bourne’s first time in The Bahamas and he took full advantage of the chance to tour the islands. Here in Barbados he spends his days on the sea, but this was his first time sailing on a large vessel. In order to travel from Grand Bahama to Eleuthera and Abaco, all 110 participants in the camp boarded the Captain Moxey, a mail boat.

Birkett completed her gold award in Guyana in 2010 and this year did leaders training. Her excitement for the venture competed only with the sweltering heat.

She said: “What I found most difficult about this expedition was contending with the heat. I thought the heat in Barbados was severe until I had to spend two weeks in the hot Bahamian sun. It made every step a little more torturous.”

Worrell too mentioned the heat of The Bahamas and pointed out that you could not afford to walk without sunblock and drinking water.

She said: “I can still hear our expedition leader Mr. Jason Curry greeting us on the mornings before the expedition chanting ‘When I say drink, you say water, Drink…’ and we, the participants, chorused back ‘Water!!!’ In retrospect, one can realise that that was his way of encouraging us.”

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