Shame on you Oba!

I am very disappointed in the recent comments made by Obadele Thompson who has been mouthing off in the Jamaican press that Barbados did not support him when he competed for Barbados.

You now have the audacity to come to the press and state that you got no help from the local authorities for your preparations for the various meets that you competed at. I am disappointed that, if that was the case, when you were in a position to do something about it, you did nothing.

Why is it, that after all these years after you retired from track in 2004 that you are now coming to the fore to speak out about not getting the help that you needed then? You actually forgot all the support that this nation gave you from your very first night of stardom at the Carifta games here in Barbados, so much so that the whole nation forgot what Janelle Inniss did, which in my opinion was far superior to your achievement that night and all the attention was put on your achievements.

What Inniss did that night in my opinion was far more impressive that what you did, but because of her status and your elite status you were idolised and the whole nation went crazy, but due to public outcry the next night, the relevant authorities came back and tried to pacify the situation. The rest is history, you were given elite treatment and went on to achieve greatness for Barbados through all the help that you were given by the local sports organisations as well as Corporate Barbados.

You forgot the company that gave you a percentage of every bottle drink that they sold towards your development! After all of that, how can you honestly say that nothing was done for you? Is it that you feel that Barbados should have sent the great Obadele Thompson to the London Olympics in an official capacity that you feel so angered? I do not have to remind you or the public what happened to Inniss!

I would say that when you were at the top, that you could have put pressure on the various administrations and organisations to improve and make things better for yourself as well as all the other athletes in Barbados, but you simply did nothing. The reason why you did nothing is because you were only interested in your own survival and not the rest of athletes. Shame on you Oba!

A lot was invested in you to achieve the level that you reached. Have you given anything back to the country that made you who you are? It was Barbados that provided that platform for you to achieve what you achieved. You retired back in 2004, what have you given back to the country? Nothing!

I cannot recall you ever working with any of the athletes or clubs. You have now made the United States your home, and yes that is your right to live any place that you choose to, but the lease that you could have done on one of your visits to Barbados, was to organise a training session or two with the clubs or individual athletes.

I am sure that Barbados and all the athletes would welcome the opportunity with open arms to be coached by you and your famous wife. The knowledge and experience that both of you have, Barbados could certainly benefit from. If I were you Oba, I would stop running off at the mouth and gave back to the country that gave so much to you.

— Wayne Cadogan

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